Past Productions

Allegra Fulton, Damien Atkins and Elliot Larson in Geometry in Venice (2010)

Founded in 1983 by Jim Millan, Crow’s Theatre has created and produced a myriad of award-winning new work, including several unqualified hits which put Crow’s on the map – including Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love by Brad Fraser, A Short History of Night by John Mighton, and Time After Time:  The Chet Baker Project.

In 2007, Jim handed over the helm to Chris Abraham.  
The 2008-09 season became a milestone year that saw the busiest season of the company’s history, wrapping up with a record 15 Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations – 5 for I, Claudia and 10 for Eternal Hydra.

Under Artistic Director Chris Abraham

ϖ     The Road to Paradise (2015). Crow’s Theatre presents a Human Cargo production at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, November 14-28, 2015.

•    Toured to the Aga Khan Museum and CFB Petawawa.

By Jonathan Garfinkel and Christopher Morris. Conceived by Human Cargo.
Directed by Christopher Morris

Starring: Beau Dixon, Christine Horne, Andrew Lawrie, Cheri Maracle, Samiya Mumtaz, Parwin Mushtael, Sanjay Talwar

Set and Costume Design: Gillian Gallow
Lighting Design: Michelle Ramsay
Sound Design: Richard Feren

A story ripped from the headlines, The Road to Paradise documents the stories of a child suicide bomber in Pakistan, a Canadian soldier in Kandahar, and an Afghan immigrant in Toronto. Based on interviews conducted with families of the Canadian Armed Forces and families of the Pakistan and Afghan Army, this gripping play explores how the war in Afghanistan has affected the lives of women and children. Each chapter is brought to life by actresses from each of the countries involved: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Canada — a remarkable feature of this borderless production.

“The Road to Paradise is incredibly timely and moves Toronto theatre in an exciting direction.” –Toronto Star

ϖ     The Watershed (2015). A Crow’s Theatre and Porte Parole production.

Performed at the Berkeley Street Theatre, as part of PANAMANIA: the Arts and Culture festival of the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, July 7-19, 2015.

•    Touring to Montreal (French translation, Le partage des eaux) and returning to Toronto in 2016-2017.

By Annabel Soutar
Directed by Chris Abraham

Starring: Bruce Dinsmore, Alex Ivanovici, Tanja Jacobs, Tara Nicodemo, Ngozi Paul, Eric Peterson, Amelia Sargisson and Kristen Thomson.

Projection Design: Denyse Karn
Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne
Lighting Design: Kimberly Purtell
Costume and Set Design: Julie Fox

From the creators of the acclaimed SEEDS, Crow’s Theatre and Porte Parole (Montreal), The Watershed follows an artist and a country struggling to chart a sustainable course between economic growth and environmental stewardship.
In The Watershed, Annabel, a Montreal documentary theatre artist, leads her own family on a cross-country journey, investigating the forces that are shaping the future of our natural resources. Encountering leading freshwater scientists, government officials, activists and business leaders along the way, The Watershed captures Canada in a moment of acute political reflection in an increasingly polarized landscape.

“Chris Abraham and his creative team have crafted a fast-flowing, continually inventive production.” – ★★★★, The Globe and Mail.

ϖ     Mr Burns: a post-electric play (2015). An Outside the March production in association with Starvox Entertainment and Crow’s Theatre

Performed at Big Picture Cinemas, 1035 Gerrard Street East, May 9 to June 7, 2015

By Anne Washburn, score by Michael Friedman, lyrics by Anne Washburn.
Directed by Mitchell Cushman and Simon Bloom

Starring: Damien Atkins, Colin Doyle, Tracy Michailidis, Katherine Cullen, Amy Keating, Sebastien Heins, Rielle Braid, Ishai Buchbinder

Musical Director: Britta Johnson
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Blais
Set Designer: Ken Mackenzie
Costume Designer: Lindsay Junkin
Choreographer: Jennalee Desjardins
Sound Design: Sam Sholdice
Puppetry Designer: Marcus Jamin

In a post-apocalyptic world devoid of electricity, a small group of survivors band together in search of food, shelter and the most precious resource of all—classic lines from The Simpsons. Part pop musical, part chilling contemporary allegory, and part Simpsons celebration, Mr. Burns is an animated exploration of how the pop culture of one era evolves into the mythology of another.

Winner of the Toronto Theatre Critic Award for BEST PRODUCTION OF A PLAY.

ϖ    We Are Not Alone (2015), produced by the Segal Centre and Crow’s Theatre

•    World Premiere in Montreal: February 22 to March 15, 2015.
•    Touring in 2016-17 to Toronto, Yellowknife and Halifax

Written and starring: Damien Atkins

Directed by Chris Abraham and Christian Barry
Set and Costume Design by Kimberly Purtell
Sound Design by Thomas Ryder Payne

The question is not ‘are they really here?’, the real question is: ‘what are they trying to tell us?’
Every day there are new reports of mysterious sightings in the skies, grainy videos of humanoid shapes moving in shadows, intricate crop circle formations that appear overnight…Are these phenomena for real, or are we being deceived? Join multi-talented writer and performer Damien Atkins in his obsessive and provocative one-man show that asks: do you believe?

Nominated for 8 Montreal English Theatre Awards, including OUTSTANDING NEW TEXT.

ϖ    The Seagull (2015) produced by Crow’s Theatre in association with Canadian Stage and The Company Theatre

Starring: Christine Horne, Marcus Jamin, Tom McCamus, Yanna McIntosh, Tony Nappo, Tara Nicodemo, Eric Peterson, Gregory Prest, Philip Riccio, Tom Rooney, Bahia Watson

Directed by Chris Abraham
Set and Costume Design: Julie Fox
Lighting Design: Kimberly Purtell
Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne

A play about the cruelty of love – and about the heartbreakingly wide expanse between the life we live and the life we long for. The Seagull was a spectacular failure when it premiered in 1895, but has now survived to become one of the masterpieces of the modern era. Featuring an all-star Canadian cast, this sold out production had over 8000 attendees.

ϖ    East End Performance CRAWL (2014), produced by Crow’s Theatre

Curator and Artistic Producer: Mitchell Cushman
Producer: Eric Goldstein
Technical Director: Evan Harkai
Associate Producer: Rosamund Small

East End Performance CRAWL celebrated the wealth of unique and vibrant independent businesses and community spaces in Toronto’s East End, with a solo performance festival and a series of site-specific theatre installations in the the Leslieville / Riverdale area. Over the 12 days of the CRAWL, 2500 attendees experienced the Festival’s 14 neighbourhood locations with 23 different theatrical experiences of solo artists from all over North America, including Mike Daisey in Dreaming of Rob Ford at the Gerrard Picture Cinema.

ϖ    Passion Play (2013) by Sarah Ruhl. An Outside the March, Convergence Theatre and Sheep No Wool Production, brought to Toronto’s East End by Crow’s Theatre

Starring: Maev Beaty, Andrew Kushnir, Cyrus Lane, Amy Keating, Julie Tepperman and Mayko Nguyen
Directed by Mitchell Cushman, Alan Dilworth and Aaron Willis

An epic procession through time and faith, performed in Toronto’s East End – Withrow Park and Eastminister United Church. Passion Play is a three-part saga that examines a company of amateur actors staging a traditional passion play at three different historical moments: Elizabethan England, Nazi Germany and Reagan-Era America.

ϖ    Winners and Losers (2013) by Marcus Youssef and James Long, produced by Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre in association with Crow’s Theatre

Currently on tour: New York Premiere January 2 to Feb 1, 2015, and Edmonton April 8-19, 2015

Winners and Losers embraces the ruthless logic of modern-day capitalism, and tests its impact on our closest personal relationships. Theatre artists and long-time friends James Long and Marcus Youssef play a game in which they name things and people and debate whether, from their perspective, these things are winners or losers. As the conversation unfolds, the competition quickly begins to have an unanticipated cost.

ϖ    Someone Else by Kristen Thomson (2013) in association with Canadian Stage

•    World Premiere

Starring: Kristen Thomson, Tom Rooney, Damien Atkins, Bahia Watson
Designers: Julie Fox, Kimberly Purtell, Thomas Ryder Payne

Cathy is a stand up comedian in a creative slump and Peter is a doctor at a community clinic. They’ve been married for eighteen years but it feels like five hundred and couples therapy isn’t helping. They seem bound for heartache when an intimate and sobering encounter with someone else forces them to recognize the fragile foundations that their life is built on. Careening between hilarity and disaster, this play is a naked examination of marriage, middle age, and the delicate nature of change.

ϖ    SEEDS by Annabel Soutar (2012) in co-production with Porte Parole (Montreal)

•    Toronto Premiere

Starring: Bruce Dinsmore, Mariah Inger, Alex Ivanovici, Tanja Jacobs, Cary Lawrence, Eric Peterson, Liisa Repo-Martell
Designers: Ana Capelluto, Richard Feren, Julie Fox and Elysha Poirier

Centering on the four-year legal showdown between biotech giant Monsanto Inc. and Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser, SEEDS leads us through a high-voltage labyrinth of political maneuvering, patent wars, cash-fuelled science and the global domination of the planet’s seed supply.

ϖ    Instructions to Any Future Socialist Government Wishing to Abolish Christmas by Michael Mackenzie (2011) in co-production with Centaur Theatre (Montreal)

•    World Premiere

Starring: Ted Dykstra, Gemma James-Smith
Designers: Antoine Bedard, James Lavoie, Luc Prairie

Set against the panic-stricken backdrop of Lehman Brother’s collapse, Instructions to Any Future Socialist Government Wishing to Abolish Christmas by Michael Mackenzie is an electric two-hander examining the shifting and suspect forces that drive the global financial system.

ϖ    Eternal Hydra by Anton Piatigorsky (2011) in association with Factory Theatre (Toronto)

•    Revival of our 2009 hit

Starring: David Ferry, Sam Malkin, Liisa Repo-Martell, Cara Ricketts
Designers: Richard Feren, Barbara Rowe, John Thompson

ϖ    I, Claudia by Kristen Thomson (2007-2012)

•    Toured to Edmonton, London ON, Richmond, Ottawa, Toronto, Edinburgh, Montreal, Kingston and across Southwestern Ontario
•    Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Play, Outstanding Performance by a Female
•    Canadian Comedy Award (for film adaptation) for Best Female Film Performance, and Best Film Writing
•    Gemini Award (for film adaptation) for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, and Best Direction in a Dramatic Program or Miniseries
•    Sterling Award for  Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role
•    Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Direction, and for Fast Forward Weekly Readers’ Choice Award

ϖ    Geometry in Venice by Michael Mackenzie (2010) in association with the Segal Centre (Montreal)

• Revival of a 20 year hit

Starring: Damien Atkins, Aiden Devine, Susanna Fournier, Allegra Fulton, Elliot Larson
Designers: Julie Fox, Luc Prairie

This Governor General nominated play is inspired by one of Henry James’ most loved short stories, The Pupil and in characteristic Jamesian fashion, teases out a beautifully intricate tragedy chronicaling a year in the life of an aristocratic ex-pat family living in Europe at the end of the 19th century.

ϖ    The Country by Martin Crimp (2009) in co-production with The Junction Grand (Calgary)

•    Canadian Premiere

Starring: Fiona Byrne, Mark Lawes, Raphaele Thiriet
Designers: Julie Fox, Scott Reid

A chilling examination of middle class urban desperation transplanted to the countryside. A married couple’s attempt to escape a dark past by embracing the idyllic rural life is disrupted one evening by a strange young woman. A past of sex, drugs, and deception resurfaces as the tension in this triangle winds tighter and tighter.

ϖ    Eternal Hydra by Anton Piatigorsky (2009)

•    World Premiere
•    10 Dora Nominations and 4 wins for Best New Play, Production, Direction & Lighting Design
•    Toured to Toronto and Ottawa (Magnetic North Theatre Festival)

Starring: David Ferry, Sam Malkin, Liisa Repo-Martell, Karen Robinson
Designers: Richard Feren, Barbara Rowe, John Thompson

A gripping literary mystery is set in motion by the discovery of a long-lost novel, whose pages spark an academic controversy that reaches as far back as the American Civil War and irrevocably entwines everyone it touches.

ϖ    [boxhead] by Darren O’Donnell (2008)

•    Toured to Vancouver, Toronto

Starring: Adam Lazarus, Andrew Shaver
Designers: Chris Abraham, Naomi Campbell, Steve Lucas, Darren O’Donnell, Nina Okens

A young geneticist wakes up to discover a box secured to his head: he finds all his thoughts come from God, all his words come from the devil and his desire for love is a habit acquired from the movies. Sound Familiar? Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Under Artistic Director Jim Millan (1983-2007)

ϖ    What Lies Before Us by Morris Panych (2007) presented by the Canadian Stage Company
•    World Premiere
•    Toured to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto

ϖ    Directors Cut by Jim Millan (2006)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Earshot by Morris Panych (2006) in co-production with the National Arts Centre (Ottawa)
•    Toured to Ottawa, Gananoque, Kitchener

ϖ    The Dirty/Beautiful by Stephen Massicotte (2005)

ϖ    Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke (2003)
•    North American Premiere

ϖ    Godzilla by Yasuhiko Ohashi translated by M Cody Poulton (2002)
•    English Language Premiere

ϖ    Hedwig and the Angry Inch book by John Cameron Mitchell, music and lyrics by Stephen Trask (2001)

ϖ    Time After Time: The Chet Baker Project by James O’Reilly (2001)
•    World Premiere
•    Toured to Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary

ϖ    Shopping and Fucking by Mark Ravenhill (1999)

ϖ    Slightly Bigger Cities by Bruce McCulloch (1999)

ϖ    Red River by Jim Millan and Daniel David Moses (1998)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    High Life by Lee MacDougall (1996/1997)
•    Toured to Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Victoria (1998)

ϖ    Born in the Grave by Jim Millan (1996)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Hole in My Heart the Size of My Heart by Jim Millan and Ali Riley (1995)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Come Good Rain by George Seremba (1994)

ϖ    Anastasia is Alive and Well and She Lives with Her Brother the Czar by Glenn Christie (1994)

ϖ    Body and Soul by John Mighton (1994)

ϖ    Danceland by Glen Cairns (1993)

ϖ    Brother Andre’s Heart by Linda Griffiths (1992)

ϖ    A Short History of Night by John Mighton (1991)
•    World Premiere
•    Governor General’s Award, Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Play

ϖ    Tripytch: Brownie from Hell by Carol Sinclair , The Prince by Jim Millan, and “6” by the company (1991)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    The Cezanne Syndrome by Normand Canac Marquis translated by Louison Danis (1990)

ϖ    The Colorado Gas & Diner by Oliver Dennis and Jim Millan (1990)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love by Brad Fraser (1989)
•    Toured to Mexico City, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal (1992)
•    Remounted in 2004
•    Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance, Male (Brent Carver)

ϖ    Serpent Kills by Jim Millan and Blake Brooker (1989)
•    World Premiere
•    Toured to Ottawa (1994)

ϖ    La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler (1989)

ϖ    Quartet by Heiner Muller (1988)

ϖ    South of Heaven by Jim Millan (1987)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Urban Voodoo by Peter Hinton and Jim Millan (1986)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Michi’s Blood by Fraz Xaver Kroetz (1986)

ϖ    Infidelity by Eugene Labiche (1985)

ϖ    Arabian Nights by the company (1985)
•    World Premiere

ϖ    Bremen Coffee by R W Fassbinder (1985)

ϖ    Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise by Harry Kondoleon (1985)

ϖ    Dali by Jim Millan (1985)
•    World Premiere
•    Remounted in 1986, 2000
•    Dora Mavor Moore Award for Innovation and Artistic Excellence

ϖ    Exception and the Rule by Bertolt Brecht (1985)

ϖ    Sesquicentenial Clowns by the company (1984)

ϖ    The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ionesco (1983)

ϖ    The Wedding March by Jim Millan (1983)