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flyingyogiOCCUPY ME (Ottawa) – Yoga Meets Theatre!

VENUE: The Flying Yogi, 245 Carlaw Ave.

Written and Performed by Bronwyn Steinberg, from Ottawa’s Counterpoint Players.

Co-Written by Sarah Waisvisz / Directed by Laura Astwood

Sarah Lotus Blossom is the embodiment of Zen on Speed – but she can’t quite let go and breathe. Join her as she grapples with the Occupy Movement, seeks Nirvana in India, and helps you to find your own breath.



Saturday May 24th – 6:30pm

Sunday May 25th – 5:00pm

Tuesday May 27th – 8:30pm

Friday May 30th – 8:30pm

Saturday May 31st – 6:30pm

Sunday June 1st – 5:00pm


Occupy Me Photo 1 - Tree Pose Occupy Me Photo 3 - Tree Silhouette 2 Occupy Me Photo 4 - Warrior

THE FLYING YOGI, Canada’s first Suspension Yoga Studio, offers Suspension Yoga classes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.Step into their gorgeous studio, featuring cork flooring, smiling buddhas, and antique accents, and get ready for a yoga experience like no other.  Suspension Yoga is a fusion of traditional yoga postures, resistance strength-training, aerobatics and spinal therapy for a stimulating and super fun workout. Aerial movements help to decompress the spine, strengthen core and increase flexibility with the deepest most delicious stretches imaginable.  With the support of a revolutionary aerial yoga sling, advanced yoga postures will become easily accessible and after only one session you will be guaranteed to feel exhilarated, refreshed, and even taller!  

This show is eligible for a 5-show pass for $50.  To book, please call 416 907-0468.

Sorry, discount is not available on web orders, subject to availability and cannot be combined with other discounts or applied to existing orders.
Some shows and events are not eligible for the 5-show pass, but this one is!