We Are Not Alone

A playwright becomes obsessed, provoked, populated.
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World Premiere in Montreal! February 22 to March 15, 2015.

Written by and Starring Damien Atkins

Directed by Chris Abraham and Christian Barry
Set & Costume Design by Kimberly Purtell
Sound Design by Thomas Ryder Payne
Stage Manager: Melissa Tordjman

A Segal Centre & Crow’s Theatre Co-Production, presented in the Segal Studio.

About the Play:
The question is not ‘are they really here?’,  the real question is: ‘what are they trying to tell us?’

Every day there are new reports of mysterious sightings in the skies, grainy videos of humanoid shapes moving in shadows, intricate crop circle formations that appear overnight…Are these phenomena for real, or are we being deceived? Join multi-talented writer and performer Damien Atkins in his obsessive and provocative one-man show that asks: do you believe?

Learn more about Damien and the creation of the piece